With strong foundation, a dream to grow, a commitment to quality, scientific background and

above all an international perspective, we strive for respect in the scientific fraternity.

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To be the first choice of researchers globally in pioneering the ideals of scientific research


To foster acceleration of research and knowledge transfer and encourage innovation by integrating research findings, technology and research professionals for the advancement of science and technology to create a better world


To serve global researchers in Science & Technology to achieve their professional pursuits


  • Provide global platform and opportunities to researchers to share their innovation and findings by organizing International and National Conferences.
  • Support researchers for dissemination of their work through publications in journals, conference proceedings and books.
  • Disseminate scientific information to a wide range of researchers, policy-makers and the wider general public.
  • Encourage researchers to identify emerging challenges in science and technology for further research
  • Form global scientific community with researchers, thinkers, visionaries, thought leaders, change enablers from diverse disciplines of science and technology to exchange ideas, share knowledge, interact together to create a better world for humanity.

Scientific merit in any study reflects a researcher’s commitment to quality that will
either be a direct benefit to participants or to the field.ESM services starts when you
decide to share your unique research findings to rest of the world and services
continues to provide appropriate scientific merit to scientists for representing quality research.